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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Scottsdale

Earning Your Trust in Bicycle Accident Representation

Riding a bicycle should be a fun activity. When you leave your home, you never expect an accident to happen. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a bicycle accident and struck by a vehicle while riding your bike, you need the help of a solid legal team to navigate Arizona’s personal injury laws. Wilson Ortiz Law Firm will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Let us work with the doctors and insurance investigators on your behalf. We will hold those responsible for your bicycle accident accountable. Let us earn your trust and be your voice. Call Wilson Ortiz Law Firm for a free consultation at 623-294-1442.

What Should I Do After a Bicycle Accident?

Although bicycle accidents happen in Scottsdale frequently, when you leave your home to go on a bike ride, you aren’t expecting it to happen to you. Most of us go about our routines without giving the idea of something like a bicycle accident more than a passing thought; when we notice it has happened to someone else, we might see on the side of the road that we pass in a car. But the truth is that it can happen to anyone at any time, and the better prepared we are for such an occurrence, the better it will turn out.

The steps you take immediately following a bicycle accident will significantly affect the outcome of your claim. Those victims who get hit by cars while out riding their bikes are frequently stunned and injured and unsure of the next steps. It is far too easy to make a mistake in the immediate moments after a bicycle accident.

Sadly, these mistakes end up losing victims the compensation they should get from the negligent drivers. But with the help of a robust legal team fighting for your rights and guiding you through the process, these mistakes can be avoided. That is what you will find at Wilson Ortiz Law Firm. Your best interests are our highest priority.

The Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Wilson Ortiz Law Firm are compassionate and empathetic and understand how confusing and overwhelming it is to deal with a personal injury from a bicycle accident. We will guide you every step of the way.

The most important things to do after a bicycle accident are:

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries. After being struck by a vehicle, your injuries are the priority. Even if they seem somewhat minor at the time, you must seek treatment immediately. Sometimes, what might seem like minor injuries can develop into much more complex issues over time, and it’s essential to show that you sought immediate care. It is better to be safe than sorry regarding your health. It is also worth mentioning that the time that elapses between your injuries and when you seek medical care will weigh heavily on your case. The opposing side will argue that your injuries are unrelated to the bicycle accident if too much time has passed.
  • Take photos. Have someone take photographs of the accident site (or do so yourself if you can). Take pictures of the vehicle, where the accident occurred, whether there are any skid marks on the road, damage to your bicycle, and injuries before and after treatment. The more photographic proof you have, the stronger your claim will be.
  • Locate and talk to any witnesses to the accident, gather their contact information, and get their statements about what they saw.
  • Do NOT post to social media- This is very important. Our culture is an open one. We all share everything on social media. Now is not the time to share anything about your bicycle accident, your injuries, or impending legal action on social media, as tempting as it may be. The opposing council or insurance agency will be searching for excuses not to pay you the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make pretty quickly. They openly post their anger and distrust on social media, and the other side can use any inconsistencies between the stories posted emotionally on social networks and statements made officially to police or insurance agents. They twist your statements and words to mean things that work to their benefit. Stay aware of this trap.

What Kinds of Injuries Typically Result From Bicycle Accidents?

The type of injury that results from a bicycle accident depends on many different factors, primarily how quickly the vehicle was moving when it struck the bicyclist, the height and weight of the cyclist, and whether or not the victim was in motion or still. Some common injuries include:

  • Head Injuries- (including traumatic brain injuries) It should go without saying that you should always be wearing a helmet when riding your bike. Still, sadly, many people choose to ignore this advice. 22-47% of head injuries occur in injured bicyclists.
  • Facial Injuries – These injuries can be traumatic because even though a victim may not be vain, identity is still tied to how we look. These injuries can result in permanent scarring.
  • Other Soft tissue Trauma and Fractures- There may be broken ribs and fractured bones in the pelvis, hips, or knees.
  • Back injuries and Spinal Cord injuries – These injuries can leave cyclists facing a life-altering catastrophic injury that results in paralysis and permanent disability.

When Should I Call a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Bicycle Accidents are terrifying and have the potential to change your life forever. Don’t leave your personal injury claim to chance. You need a level-headed, compassionate, skilled bicycle Accident lawyer to advocate for you. Wilson Ortiz Law Firm has your back. Call us at 623-294-1442 for a free consultation.