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Being involved in a car accident is a terrifying experience, no matter when it happens. Still, nothing can prepare you for the horror of being struck by a moving vehicle as a pedestrian. When two cars collide, even though there are likely injuries, they are equipped with safety features to mitigate those risks. Conversely, in a pedestrian accident involving a negligent driver, pedestrians don’t have the protection of seatbelts and airbags to save them from severe injury.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a Pedestrian Accident with a car or motorcycle. In that case, you need the assistance of an empathetic and skilled personal injury attorney who understands the complexity of Arizona’s traffic laws and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for the trauma you have endured. Call Wilson Ortiz Law Firm at 623-294-1442 for a free evaluation of your Pedestrian Accident case today.

What Are the Potential Injuries That Happen in a Pedestrian Accident?

Many different factors contribute to the types of injuries victims suffer when they are struck by vehicles. Even if the car is not going very fast, it can still do much damage. For perspective, even at what may seem like a relatively low rate of speed of 25 MPH, in a pedestrian accident, a vehicle can still cause fatalities.

If the victim is lucky enough to escape with their life, that doesn’t mean they have escaped unscathed. The victim could also suffer:

  • Catastrophic injuries- These are injuries throughout the body from the force of the impact of the heavy metal vehicle. There are likely secondary injuries that result from effects on the ground or being pinned against another object, depending upon the circumstances of the accident.
  • Head Injuries- such as traumatic brain injuries. These types of injuries occur in pedestrian accidents when the victim’s head strikes the ground or vehicle. Brain injuries can be as simple as mild concussions or as severe as severe brain damage. They can result in cognitive problems, memory loss, balance issues, and sometimes permanent and total disability.
  • Bone Fractures: In pedestrian accidents, bone fractures happen frequently because the vehicle’s weight is much greater than the human body’s. Fractures can occur in various areas, more often in vulnerable areas such as joints like knees, hips, and the pelvis. Arms and legs are also particularly susceptible to fracture. Depending on the severity, the medical costs of these injuries can be staggering.
  • Spinal Injuries- Spinal cord injuries are common in pedestrian accidents. These injuries may result in partial or complete paralysis. Such injuries change a victim’s entire life. Spinal cord injuries affect mobility balance, often cause long-term pain, and require intense and prolonged medical care and specialized medical equipment. The costs often fall far outside most insurance plans, so families find themselves with substantial medical expenses that are frequently as destructive as the accident itself. A highly skilled pedestrian accident attorney is needed to fight for you. Wilson Ortiz Law Firm is on your side and will advocate for your rights from day one. Our legal team will be your voice. Don’t let a pedestrian accident ruin your life. You are not alone.

What Happens To A Body When Struck in a Pedestrian Accident?<h2

There are three different stages to a pedestrian accident.

  • Initial Impact- Initial impact occurs when the vehicle makes primary contact with the victim. The body might wrap around the front of the car, depending on the car’s speed when impact is initiated. The bumper will most likely hit the leg or knee joint, possibly the lower back, depending upon the victim’s height. The head and upper body of the victim may hit the hood or windshield of the vehicle.
  • Trajectory- After initial impact, the body may be thrust forward and upward relative to the car, depending upon the speed with which the impact was made.
  • Ground Contact- The pedestrian will hit the ground. Again, the point of contact depends on factors such as the speed and height of the vehicle that hit the victim in the pedestrian accident. Additional factors to consider are the height and weight of the victim. An adult person is likely to sustain far less severe injuries or, at the very least, different injuries than a child.

What Should I Do If I Am Struck By a Vehicle?

The most important thing to do is to remain as calm as possible. There are likely injuries if you or a loved one is involved in a pedestrian accident. Panicking will not help the situation and may worsen things.

  • Call 911 immediately and request emergency personnel. Catastrophic injuries can frequently turn life-threatening. You must be assessed by emergency medical personnel as quickly as possible. Only move if it is safe to do so. If your head, neck, or spine has been injured, wait until medical staff has arrived to help you.
  • Have someone photograph the accident scene, the state of the vehicle, and your injuries.
  • Get copies of all medical reports and imaging
  • Call a pedestrian accident lawyer.
  • When Should I Call a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Pedestrian Accidents are a severe problem, although rarer than other auto accidents; when they happen, they impact every aspect of your life. If you or a loved one have been struck by a vehicle walking or running, you need a skillful team on your side. At Wilson Ortiz Law Firm, we believe in advocating for our clients from day one. We will provide you with robust legal options and work tirelessly to investigate your pedestrian accident. We will hold those responsible for your trauma accountable. Call us at 623-294-1442 for a consultation today.